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Easy and secure solution For all your governance needs

-> Free until 15th october 2021, then you can choose a free or paid plan.

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Why Vocdoni?

The ultimate solution to manage your organization


Secure voting

The most flexible and secure voting protocol to organize any kind of voting process: single-choice, multiple-choice, weighted, quadratic voting and much more.

Easy to use

Easy-to-organize AGMs

Organize your AGMs or board meeting and rest assured that the results are fully lawful an the privacy of users is respected. We’re GDPR-compliant!


Coordination tools (soon)

Far beyond voting, Vocdoni is a set of tools for governance, membership management, fundraising and much more to take your organization to the next level.

The commitment to Vocdoni has been clear, as from Òmnium Cultural we opted for a secure and verifiable voting system that would allow us to hold our statutory meetings with full guarantees to the more than 180,000 members who make up our organization


Anna Girald

Executive manager at Òmnium Cultural

One of the decisive facts that led us to choose Vocdoni was that its platform guaranteed the participation and vote of all our members, with security, reliability and transparency in the whole process, including access and participation in the Annual General Meeting.


Ton Barnils

CEO of Centre Excursionista de Catalunya

Computer device

Connect with your social base

You only need one platform

Tired of using a thousand tools to manage your organization? Vocdoni Platform is the all-in-one solution to boost the participation in your entity with ease, safety and the peace of mind of being GDPR-compliant by default.

Tablet census

Easy manage

Manage your member base

Don't waste time wondering about how to identify your members. Just upload a spreadsheet file and Vocdoni does the magic!

Tablet live

Bring a human side

Be present in online or hybrid events

Easily embed videos and live-streams from services like Youtube or Vimeo to broadcast AGMs, shareholder meetings, board meetings and any content you want to share! Online access can boost participation levels by at least 3x.

Easy to share

As easy as drag&drop

Easy share documents

Make sure your members have access to the financial report, the budget or other documents to be approved using Vocdoni.


Your brand matters

Make your social base feel at home

Personalize your voting process with your corporate color, logo and other brand images.


Get instant results

You and your social base will be able to see the results a few seconds after the voting is over, or instantly if you choose live results!

Time frame

Choose the time frame

You can set the start and end dates of the voting process. But you can always end the voting process manually!


Notify your community

All you have to do is e-mail your entire social base with the link to access the voting process.

All in one

All-in-one solution

The voting process includes all the required items, such as the agenda, documents, and access to the questions and answers.

A cutting-edge voting protocol

Use Vocdoni without limits and free of charge until 15th of October 2021 to organize votes and meet all your governance needs. After that you can continue with a free plan or opt for a paid plan.

Leveraging on decentralized technologies like Ethereum, xDaichain Tendermint, IPFS, and zero-knowledge proofs.

Open source
Edge protocol

Ready to start?
Try vocdoni now

The most secure, universally verifiable and scalable digital voting protocol to organize all types of voting processes with guarantees. Soon fully anonymous thanks to advanced cryptographic mechanisms such as zkSNARKs and zkRollups.

Get started

-> Free until 15th october 2021, then you can choose a free or paid plan.

Computer with Vocdoni

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